Seven Common Home Security Mistakes You Should Know

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Our security is one of the critical aspects of our lives that we need to evaluate and improve upon it continually. Up to 2,000,000 burglaries are reported every year in the United States alone. But there are always ways of improving security in our homes; we just need to understand where to focus. When it comes to safety, small mistakes can cost you a lot. Burglars are always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest technological advances and home security. They understand that people can make small mistakes and they still find ways of utilizing every opportunity to break into your home.

Common Home Security Mistakes

Here some of the common home security mistakes that should avoid before you become a victim of a burglary:

1. Overestimating a Door Frame’s Strength

Although having high-quality deadbolt lock can help to keep your doorway from being breached, you also installed sturdy door frame. Note that if someone kicks a high-quality door, the door frame may give way if it is not strong enough. Have sturdy door frames and use long screws to install strike plates. Using short screws to mount the lock and latch strikes in place, make the door far more vulnerable to being kicked in. Making this improvement in your home is easy, quick and may require you to dig dip into your pocket.

2. Hiding Spare Key in the Garden

Burglars understand that most people hide their spares keys in their home, and they know the common hiding place. Even casual burglars suspect that you are very likely to hide your keys in the garden and that fake rock next to the porch is not going to fool anyone. If losing the keys is your worries, there is always a better option of medicating it. You can add a biometric or digital keycode to your entry doors. These modern lock technologies are very available and very affordable in the market. You can also leave a spare key in your trusted neighbor who very accessible, and you can quickly reach in case you forget the keys.

3. Failing to Secure Sheds and Garages

Although most people always remember to keep their homes safe, they often leave garages and sheds unlocked. But you note that shed and garages and often feature valuable tools that may be targeted by burglars. If you keep valuable properties such as bicycles and yard tools, you should always remember to lock it. Furthermore, garage or shed may include tools such as hammer and ladder, which can be used by thieves to break into the secured part of your home. Install secure locks in your garage and shed and always remember to lock them.

4. Relying on your Dog

Although a loud dog can offer a great sense of security, it is important to lock your doors well and have a working alarm system. In some cases, even intimidating dogs may fail to attack intruders. Unless the burglars are afraid of the dog, the dog would not do much and can even be hurt or killed.

5. Installing Fake Security Systems

Some homeowners install dummy cameras to scare away thieves, but experienced burglars can easily tell the difference between fake and real security system. Nowadays high-quality security cameras that are accessible through mobile phones are available at affordable prices. Quality security cameras make a good investment as burglars will think twice when they realize that you have installed real security cameras in your home. Instead of going cheap on your families security, take your time and invest wisely in a real home security system with monitoring from a trusted company.

6. Failing to arm your home security system

Installing a modern security system in your home is not enough, you need to ensure that they are armed during the right or when you are away. Avoid using default security codes to arm your security system as anyone can easily guess it. Come up with hard-to-guess security codes that you can remember and use them in your security system.

7. Not having enough outdoor lights

Dark areas in your home can become burglars easy hiding place. A thief dressed all in black can easily hide in the shadow right in front of you. You can easily avoid that by installing motion sensor lights on every corner of your house.

Final Verdict:

To keep your home safe from burglary, you need to be keen throughout and avoid common mistakes that may easily allow burglars to enter into your more. Avoid the above common home security mistakes to avoid losing your valuable belongings to thieves.

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